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Are Conservatory Roof Blinds Worth It?

Conservatory roof blinds are a popular choice for UK homeowners, but are conservatory roof blinds really worth it in comparison to other conservatory roofing options on the market? With many different types of conservatory roof blinds, it can often be difficult to decide on what is the best option for you. For most people, some sort of insulation or cover is needed for their conservatory roof and conservatory roof blinds can seem like the best option in a crowded market. We take a look at conservatory roof blinds in more detail and give you a guide to help make a decision.

What are conservatory roof blinds?

Conservatory roof blinds are essentially the same as window blinds, but rather than covering your windows they cover your conservatory roof, helping to protect it from the intense sun. Some conservatory roof blinds claim to also help insulate your conservatory in the winter. Conservatory roof blinds come in many different styles and types – many people choose to have bespoke, fitted slat blinds which fit directly underneath each of your conservatory roofing panels. Some people choose to go for a more draped style – with large drapes covering many panels at a time. Nearly all of the conservatory roof blinds available on the market are adjustable, meaning that you can control the amount of light let into the conservatory, as well as the amount of coverage given at any one time in your conservatory.

Do I need conservatory roof blinds?

Conservatory roof blinds can be a great option for people who find that their conservatory suffers from heat, cold or glare. Conservatories often get very hot in the summer because the glazed roofing panels turn the conservatory into a greenhouse. This makes it very difficult to use all-year-round. In the winter, the opposite happens and people find that their heat rises out through the roof, making the conservatory very cold, resulting in higher energy bills as you attempt to heat the conservatory more effectively.

Glare is also a very common problem in conservatories – not only making it difficult to enjoy reading or watching TV in the room, but also impacting your furniture and causing fading.

If you suffer from any of the above problems in your conservatory, you might find that conservatory roof blinds are a suitable option for you.

Conservatory Roof Blinds Benefits

There are many benefits to installing conservatory roof blinds:


Conservatory roof blinds offer an element of insulation inside of your conservatory. Results vary depending on the style and type of blinds, but generally the coverage that conservatory roof blinds provide offers some level of insulation. Conservatory roof blinds go some way to help stopping heat transfer. This means that in the summer when the heat is at its strongest, most conservatory roof blinds will provide some protection from the heat and a barrier to it entering your conservatory through your roof. In the winter the opposite happens – the conservatory roof blinds provide a barrier to heat leaving the conservatory. How effective this ‘barrier’ is depends very much on the type of conservatory roof blinds that you are buying.

Sun Protection

For people suffering with excessive glare, conservatory roof blinds are a great option to help combat this. By offering a barrier to the sun, conservatory roof blinds stop a lot of the problems associated with glare in your conservatory, such as faded furniture. If you have slat-style conservatory roof blinds, you also get a lot of autonomy in terms of controlling the blinds throughout the day to ensure you get the right amount of sunlight in. As drape-style blinds are less flexible and generally are either ‘on’ or ‘off’, whilst they help to prevent glare, you do lose some of that control.

Protection from the sun can help aesthetically, but you also get the benefit of UV protection. Sitting in a glass conservatory all day could be having a negative impact on your skin – with most conservatory roof blinds you get an extra level of UV protection, helping to mitigate this impact.

Cons Of Conservatory Roof Blinds

Although there are many benefits, there are also some cons to consider when assessing whether conservatory roof blinds are worth spending money on.


If you ask anybody with any type of blind – be it window or roof – what their biggest dilemma is, most people will tell you that keeping their blinds clean can be an endless frustration. Conservatory roof blinds are no different. Dust and insects get trapped in the blinds and without regular upkeep and maintenance, conservatory roof blinds can soon become unsightly. Cleaning conservatory roof blinds can be difficult as many are installed bespoke, so paying a specialist conservatory roof blind cleaner is usually the best way forward.

Delicate and fiddly

Conservatory roof blinds can be very delicate and prone to breakages, made up of lots of small parts, slats and strings. With poor quality conservatory roof blinds, you will find that over time you will need to constantly replace part of the blinds to ensure that they are working effectively. Conservatory roof blinds are also very fiddly – they need adjusting throughout the day to ensure you have maximum sunlight and minimum glare – this process can become tedious and take up your time.


The appearance of your conservatory roof blinds can also become an issue, particularly when coupled with the dirt and dust discussed above. Conservatory roof blinds cover the whole ceiling of your conservatory – and therefore making sure that they look nice is important if you are looking to achieve a clean and attractive conservatory. Many conservatory roof blinds, particularly the drape style, can become unsightly when half-drawn and take attention away from the conservatory itself. If you are looking to have conservatory roof blinds installed, it is important that you consider their appearance as it can be an expensive mistake if you do not like how they look once they are installed.


One of the biggest drawbacks of conservatory roof blinds is the cost of conservatory roof blinds. The cost itself is not the particular issue – conservatory roofing options are generally not cheap – but the value offered by conservatory roof blinds is often the problem. As most conservatory roof blinds are made bespoke to order, and with lots of small parts and mechanisms to get correct – you are often paying more for the fitting than the actual product itself.

Alternatives to conservatory roof blinds

If you suffer from a hot conservatory, a cold conservatory or glare in the conservatory – or all 3! – you might think that conservatory roof blinds offer you a good solution to these problems. However, when taking into account the cons listed, you may still be asking yourself whether conservatory roof blinds are worth it still. There are some alternatives to conservatory roof blinds that might be more worthwhile and value-for-money. These alternatives come in the form of insulated conservatory roofing.

Insulated conservatory roofing as an alternative to conservatory roof blinds can be a great choice for anyone looking for a more permanent solution to the many problems involved with conservatories. Insulated conservatory roofing comes in many different types and formats – from insulated glass panels all the way through to a fully-fledged tiled roof. None of these options are cheap – but they can often offer much better value for money than conservatory roof blinds and require much less maintenance.

You can find out about the bespoke, insulated conservatory roofing panels offered by Green Space UK by visiting our product page.

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