How Much Does a Conservatory Roof Cost

Conservatory Roof replacement Pricing can be a tricky subject. One of the questions we are often asked is ‘How Much Does a Replacement Roof Cost?

Our panels are completely bespoke for each and every conservatory – therefore there is no ‘average price’. Two conservatories could be exactly the same size but there can be major fluctuations in the cost. At Green Space UK, we offer a panel replacement service. Rather than ripping the whole roof off and starting again, we make bespoke, aluminium panels to fit into your existing framework. This gives you a solid roof, with much less hassle than other options on the market.

Here is what we base our prices on:

Size Of Panels

Our bespoke conservatory roof replacements are manufactured so that they fit into your existing roofing frame. Because of this, we need the exact length and width of your existing panels (down to the millimetre).


Every conservatory roofing framework will be different, therefore we need to know the exact angles to which your existing panels have been fitted. This is particularly important in terms of pricing because of how the panels are manufactured. During manufacturing, large sheets of aluminium are cut to shape – odd angles can often mean that there is slight wastage of this sheet. Knowing the exact angles of your existing panels will help us to arrange the panels in a way that minimises wastage, in turn minimising costs for you.

  Conservatory Roof Replacement Costs For Other Roofing Options

Since planning regulations were changed in 2010, lots of different roofing options for conservatories have become available. Most of our customers get quotes for some or all of these, in fact, we encourage it, as all have their merits. Your decision will come down to what you want to achieve and the quality of installation or service you would like.

Listed below are the various options and rough prices in relation to a GreenSpace replacement conservatory roof.

  Conservatory Roof Replacement Costs For Other Roofing Options

The cheapest option (for a reason)

By far the cheapest way to put a roof on your conservatory, installation starts at around £2,500. The lightweight plastic is cheap and easy to install but it comes with a number of drawbacks. A polycarbonate roof provides little or no insulation. This is because it is only a thin layer of plastic. That means it will not hold in much heat in winter and your conservatory will likely be too cold to use. In summer, the polycarbonate roof creates the opposite problem. It allows in light but prevents heat from escaping causing something called solar gain. This just means your conservatory can actually become much hotter than the outside temperature. That can actually lead to your entire home being too hot. The third issue with a polycarbonate conservatory roof is that it can be quite loud in bad weather. Rain and hail all make a drumming noise on a polycarbonate conservatory roof and wind noise transmits through this type of roof quite easily. That can make a conservatory unusable in bad weather.

A GreenSpace conservatory roof replacement is usually more expensive than polycarbonate but it is eight times more efficient at insulating which makes it better in all kinds of weather.

 Double Glazing Cost

More expensive than polycarbonate, usually cheaper than a GreenSpace roof.

A double-glazed or glass roof is more expensive than polycarbonate. It is also much stronger and heavier. The drawback to a glass roof is that it won’t solve the overheating in summer and won’t keep the heat in during winter. Double glazing is a bit quieter in bad weather but still much louder than a GreenSpace roof. A double-glazed roof also does not deal with the issue of glare. 

 Tinted Glass / Self-Cleaning Glass Cost

More expensive than double glazing. Usually cheaper than a GreenSpace roof (though we have seen some quotes have come in more expensive).

While this option reduces glare in your conservatory, we’ve had varying reports from customers as to the effect it has on keeping the conservatory cool in the summer. We have actually replaced quite a large number of these roofs that haven’t been in situ that long at all. This type of glass roof also struggles to provide enough insulation in winter. The tinting is simply not an effective replacement for an insulated conservatory roof.

 Internal cladding Cost

Probably the cheapest non-transparent option.

There are numerous companies now offering this option. It’s simple. A thin layer of insulation is applied to the underside of your existing roof, and then PVC cladding is applied under that. Think of it like a blanket over your conservatory. 

It’s the cheapest way to make your roof non-transparent and insulated but it has some major drawbacks. You need to consider longevity, as this fixes to the underside of a roof that is often at the end of its life and it does nothing to address the exterior.

That means if your roof leaks, this won't fix the issue. If you have to replace the current roof, you will likely also have to pull down the internal cladding. That means you will have to pay twice for this fix if you ever have trouble with the existing conservatory roof.

 Tiled roof conversion Cost

Similar price to a GreenSpace Roof.

Lightweight tiles are applied to the outside of your roof. Sometimes the frame is replaced or reinforced to take the extra weight. Insulation is applied underneath and a plasterboard ceiling is put up. This is then plastered and decorated. It’s a big job and often takes 3 or 4 days. By comparison, GreenSpace roofs can usually be put up in a single day. You also need to be certain that the structure will take all of that extra weight of a tiled conservatory roof and check any guarantees offered.

This option offers a good level of noise and heat insulation and (depending on the quality of the tradesman who installs it) a nice-looking finish.

We have found that these roofs are often a similar price to a GreenSpace roof. Sometimes they are slightly more expensive, other times slightly cheaper. There are many variables that affect both prices.

It’s safe to say that the tiled roof conversion and GreenSpace roof are the most comprehensive ways to transform your conservatory into a room you can use all year round. They come in at a similar price point, so your decision (once you’ve gathered your quotes) will come down to three main factors:

  1. The look of the roof when installed.
  2. The amount of disruption you are willing to put up with during installation.
  3. The trust you have in the company to deliver what they have promised.

 Conservatory insulation costs

As you might expect a GreenSpace roof isn’t the cheapest option but we strongly believe it is the best option. If you compare conservatory roof insulation costs to the amount you could save on heating your conservatory during the winter and the space you can reclaim by having a working conservatory we believe the initial outlay is a no brainer.

We’ve been around for nearly five years and we just install conservatory roofs. We are specialists.

Hopefully, this page has proved helpful. If you have any questions or if you’d like to get a quote to compare against your other options, then give us a call on 01202 355780 or hit the button below. All quotes are without obligation and it goes without saying that they are free of charge.


The Green Space Conservatory Roof Cost

Remember, a Green Space conservatory roof is installed in less than a day, causing you as little disruption as possible.

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