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Home Office
Easy Home Office Solutions Reviewed
As the work from home trend looks set to stay, we look at some of the most popular home office solutions and their pros and cons
Green Space Warehouse
Green Space UK Open New Rugby Warehouse
With a large increase in the number of installations being performed across the country, Green Space UK have opened a fourth warehouse
Rapid Aluminium Price Rise Post-Lockdown
Aluminium prices have risen around 70% in the space of 12 months, prompting price increases across a range of global trade sectors
Conservatory roof leaking
How can you stop a Conservatory roof from leaking?
February 2020 was the wettest month on record with a staggering 209mm of rain falling, according to the Met Office. With climate cha...
Brighten my conservatory
What are the best plants for my conservatory?
Plants are often used to bring some colour and vibrance to a conservatory. At Greenspace, we love seeing conservatories full of plants, n...
Conservatory more energy efficient
How can I make my conservatory more energy efficient?
Would you like to make your conservatory more energy-efficient this winter? By giving it a make-over and replacing your roof, you ca...
Clean My Conservatory Roof
How Can I Clean My Conservatory Roof?
Living in the UK, and its forever changing weather can mean keeping a conservatory roof clean is a job you come to dread. Dirt and grime ...
Planning permission to fit a conservatory roof
Do I need planning permission to fit a conservatory roof?
Do I need planning permission to fit a conservatory roof? The short answer to this question is, in most cases, no you do not require plan...
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