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The last couple of years have been full of uncertainty and upheaval for everyone, so coming into 2021 was a nerve-wracking time for us here at Green Space Uk.

To be completely honest, we had no idea what to expect or how well our Insulating Conservatory Roof Panels would sell in the middle of the pandemic.


But we weren’t just pleasantly surprised by the reception we got; we were completely blown away.


We’ve had thousands of customers from all over the Uk asking us to transform their cold, damp, unused conservatories into a space they can use year-round as home offices, bedrooms, lounges, games rooms, home gyms, dining rooms and more!


In fact, since 2019 we have seen a 19% increase in our sales, with 2021 looking to be our best year yet!

Just this year so far, we’ve transformed over 2100 conservatories compared to 1800 in 2019. 


We’ve mainly attributed this growth to people being home more through lockdown; investing in their homes and upgrading a room that previously, the majority had neglected.

Our lovely customers spreading the word has definitely helped too though, with our recommendations more than doubling since the beginning of this year!


We’re very much looking forward to the rest of this year and, with new Green Space Uk products on the horizon, seeing what 2022 has in store for us!

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