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How To Stop A Conservatory Roof Leaking

A conservatory is a fantastic place to spend time in – a wonderful addition to the home that brings in plenty of light and views of the garden. However, a leaking conservatory roof can put a stop to this enjoyment and is something that many homeowners with conservatories experience from time to time. The great British weather brings plenty of rain with it and, combined with most traditional conservatory roofing options, the conservatory often takes the brunt of this weather over the winter and begins to leak. We take a look at some of the best solutions for conservatory roof leaking.


Why is my conservatory leaking?

The first thing you should think about when trying to stop a conservatory roof leaking is: ‘what is causing the conservatory roof to leak?’. Finding the cause of a leaking conservatory roof can not only help you to stop the leak, but also identify areas where future leaking may take place and stop this prematurely.

Most conservatory roof leaking is caused by the joins between the framework and the conservatory roofing panels themselves. This conservatory roof leaking can be caused by two things – either poorly installed sealant and joints on the conservatory roof framework, or general wear and tear over time.

Another common cause of conservatory roof leaking is where the conservatory roof joins the house – again, this could be because the flashing has not been installed correctly, or because of general wear and tear causing the conservatory roof to leak.

Polycarbonate roofing panels often come with their own problems and have a limited lifespan. Eventually, with wear and tear, the plastic will start to break down and water will get into the polycarbonate sheets itself. Water inside of the polycarbonate sheets will cause conservatory roof leaking.


So how can I fix my conservatory roof leak?

Home fixes

Once you’ve established why you have a conservatory roof leak, and you have identified where the leak is coming from and what fault has caused it, there are some easy fixes that can be carried out by homeowners to repair conservatory leaks.

  • Sealant

Poorly installed sealant, or sealant that has perished over time, can be a simple fix. Removing the old sealant and resealing the gaps will help to stop conservatory leaks. It may also be helpful to check the rest of the conservatory roof, inside and out, and replace other seals pre-emptively to prevent further leaks from occurring. Horticulture Magazine has rated the best sealants for fixing conservatory roof leaks here.

  • Guttering

Another problem area that can cause conservatory roof leaks is the conservatory guttering. Checking for, and removing, blockages will ensure that water flows away correctly and reduce conservatory roof leaking. These Hedgehog gutter-brushes are great tools to help prevent conservatory roof leaks as they can help to prevent blockages from building up and make cleaning gutters much easier. Likewise, if guttering is damaged, replacing gutters to ensure they’re working optimally will lessen the amounts of water potentially building up and leaking through the conservatory roof.

  • Lead Flashing

Damaged or worn Lead flashing can cause a conservatory roof leak so it’s important to repair or replace it promptly. This can be done by the homeowner, providing they have the correct tools and equipment. Websites like this one can provide step by step instructions on how to replace lead flashing.


Professional Fixes

Other issues causing conservatory roof leaks may be slightly bigger and require repairs by professionals.

  • Joints 

If the joins in the conservatory, or where the conservatory meets the building, are causing the roof leak, repair or replacement is vital to stop the leaking roof. This will likely require a professional to do it correctly as they may need to strip the conservatory roof right down to the joint, replace it, and then rebuild the conservatory roof. If there is a faulty or damaged joint, and it’s a new conservatory, it is worth contacting the suppliers and have them replace the faulty parts. Likewise, repairing areas where the conservatory meets the building, may require a professional to fix it effectively.

  • Roof Panels

Over time polycarbonate roof panels can degrade and cause your conservatory roof to leak. Or glass panels become damaged or cracked, letting water through and causing leaks. These will need to be replaced by professionals to stop the conservatory roof leak from causing damage in the property. This is often a fairly simple, like-for-like replacement and shouldn’t take too long.

  • Entire Roof Replacement

Over time the whole conservatory roof can degrade or become damaged under the elements and can begin to leak. To rectify this, it may be necessary to organise a professional to replace the entire conservatory roof with either the same product, or this may be a good opportunity to upgrade the conservatory roof to something stronger or longer lasting such as glass, insulated roof panels or a tiled roof.


How Much Will It Cost to Fix My Conservatory Roof Leak?

The cause of the conservatory roof leak will determine the cost to repair the leak. Something small that the homeowner can correct, such as resealing the conservatory roof, can be as little as £10 for some sealant, and then just the homeowners time carrying out the repair. Likewise, clearing out gutters can be free (if the homeowner already has tools such as a ladder and bucket required). Fixing these conservatory roof leaks can be extremely cheap and easy to do.

Repairing faulty joins may be slightly more expensive, depending on the company carrying out the repair and which joint is worn/broken. 

While replacing the entire conservatory roof to fix a conservatory roof leak could be up in the thousands depending on what material you chose for your conservatory roof replacement. Roof replacements can be a costly way to repair a conservatory roof leak, with prices typically ranging from as little as £4,000 to £50,000 according to Conservatory online prices. The material chosen for the replacement will also impact the final cost, with polycarbonate can be a cheaper option, whilst glass panels are a much more expensive option for conservatory roofing.

Before repairing a leaking conservatory roof, it’s worth checking the building insurance, as it may be covered by the policy. Or, likewise, checking the manufacturer warranty as it may still be covered.


Preventing Leaks in Future

Regular upkeep, inspections, and repairs will prevent conservatory roof leaking and save a lot of stress with damp, mould and wet. It is important, like with anything, to keep an eye on your conservatory roofs condition and fix any small issues, before they become major faults.

The health implications from leaking conservatory roofs, particularly from damp and mould, can be quite serious. Leaking conservatory roofs can lead to damp and mould in the conservatory which could spread to adjoining rooms in the home. Damage from mould and damp to furniture, flooring and fixtures can be costly to repair or replace. As well as damp and mould from small conservatory roof leaks, larger leaks can also cause water damage to flooring and furniture which can be another costly repair. 

Regular maintenance will help to prevent conservatory roof leaks and ensure the longevity of your conservatory roof. 

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