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We've compiled a list of some of the big upgrades and small budget friendly changes we can all make to lower our heating bills...


Small, budget friendly things you can do:

Wear more layers! 

Wrapping up warmer so you don’t have to turn up the heating is a sure-fire way to stop your bills creeping up! Similarly, getting winter duvets, or extra blankets, can help reduce the need for heating at night time.


Use hot water bottles

Like wearing more layers, using hot water bottles to keep warm will mean you don’t feel the need to turn the heating up.


Use the sunlight, then close curtains

Opening the curtains in the morning and letting the light in means the sun can heat your room up, once the sunlight no longer comes into the room, shut the curtains to keep heat in.


Close doors and windows tightly

Check window & doors are closed and that the sealant is intact to stop drafts. You can also buy Weather Stripping: foam or rubber strips that you can stick around your door or window frame to stop drafts.


Block up drafts

Buying draft excluders can be a fairly inexpensive way to keep cold air out and hot air in so you don’t need to keep the heating on to warm a room. These might include door snakes, rugs to cover floorboards or chimney draft excluders.


Turn heating down at night

Whilst your snuggled up in bed with a hot water bottle, you can turn the heating down to reduce your energy bill.


Use the heat from cooking

Turning off the heating and using the heat from the oven whilst cooking, or the tumble-dryer whilst drying clothes, can be a efficient way to heat the home but lower the heating bills.


Bleed your radiators

Ensuring that your radiators are properly bled means that they will function more efficiently and heat your rooms for less. As well as bleeding radiators, it is thought that putting foil behind them, or shelves above them, can help push the heat into the room, rather than it escaping up or out the walls.


Insulating Curtains

Purchasing insulated curtains for the home can help keep rooms warmer by blocking the heat transfer through the windows.


Service your boiler

Making sure that your boiler is in optimal condition will ensure it is heating your home efficiently and keeping your bills as low as possible.


Big changes you could make:

Insulate your loft/walls

Investing in cavity wall and/or loft insulation will help prevent the heat from escaping through the walls and roof, whilst keeping the cold air out too, meaning you spend less time and money heating your home.


Update your heating system

If your heating system is dated and struggling to heat your home effectively, upgrading to a new heating system may be worth looking into. Although it may be costly, it will mean that you save money in the long run as it heats your home more efficiently.


Install double/triple glazing 

Ensuring all your windows are double or triple glazed will make sure cold air stays out and hot air stays in! As well as reducing heating bills, other benefits this provides include noise reduction and better home security.


Insulate your conservatory

Conservatories can be a nightmare for homeowners in the winter, they haemorrhage heat and can get so cold a lot of people find they just have to close the room off rather than pay extra (sometimes as much as £50 a month) to heat them. There are many different options available to insulate conservatories, from replacing the whole roof with a tiled roof, to using blinds or curtains to reduce heat transfer. But the most efficient option is Green Space Uk’s insulated roof panels that are tailor made to slot into the existing framework and are eight times more efficient than polycarbonate roofing. Keeping the heat in and the cold air out and lowering the cost to heat the room. (You can find out more about them here)


Fitting carpets

Carpet is an excellent insulator and helps to keep rooms warm and cosy. By reducing heat loss, rooms need less heating and therefore the heating bills are lower.

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